Achieving Excellence through Knowledge Sharing.

GNA-IMT has, in its nation building endeavor, successfully created an environment most suitable for progressive learning. At GNA-IMT, we believe that true knowledge is created through positive interaction and free exchange of ideas. And the curriculum we follow is designed to encourage this healthy exchange of the students' independent ideas.


Guest Lecture ‘Career Opportunities in the Insurance Sector’
 Mr.Tajinder (Agency Manager, Pnb MetLife Jalandhar) delivered a Guest Lecture on ‘Career Opportunities in the Insurance Sector. He started his talk by introducing students to the meaning of Life insurance. 

Guest Lecture on ‘ IT Sector on Hiring Spree’
 On 15th September ,2014 Ms. Komal (HR Executive & Software Developer from TCS) delivered a Guest Lecture on the Topic ‘IT Sector on Hiring Spree’ for the students of MSc.IT & BCA 

Workshop on ‘Waste Material Usage’
 A workshop on ‘Installation-Creativity from Waste Material’ was conducted by Mr.Enkhtab Ali on 29th & 30th August for Multimedia students.

Guest Lecture on ‘Advantage Corporate Grooming’
 On 22nd August 2014 Mr.Suneel Keswani – Motivational and Corporate Trainer from Suneel Keswani Consultants had a session with the students on ‘Advantage Corporate Grooming’. 



Explore detailed information about GNA- IMTs Corporate affairs, programs offered, admission procedure and placements.




Welcome to the world of ‘Knowledge Exchange’. Glimpses of a day in the life of GNA-IMT students.

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